Our Water polo team, practices Sunday mornings from 12:00pm - 1:00pm at MacEwan University Pool.

We train from Sunday starting Labour Day until May. We take two weeks off at the end of December for the holidays.

A number of players also participate with the Edmonton Tsunami Club's Masters Group. To join our players who go to this group, see https://www.edmontontsunami.com/.


All members are required to pay the Making Waves Aquatics Club fee of $40 and the AWPA Player Fee of $55. Players will need to register directly with Alberta Water polo to pay this fee before their first practice.

In addition, practices fees for water polo alone are:

  • Annual: $425

  • Monthly: $55

Members who want to swim as well as play water polo save on their fees! We also offer drop-in memberships for those who wish to swim with us only occasionally.

For all the details on our membership fees, see the Registration page

Frequently Asked Questions

Who swims with the club?

Anyone interested in swimming with a masters swim club. We welcome anyone whether they're men or women, young or not so young, gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight, in the closet or out. Our members swim with the club for many different reasons, some to improve their fitness, some to socialize and meet new friends, some to train for competitions (swimming, triathalon, etc).

Do I have to be a great player?

No, you don't need to be a great player, just have a willingness to get wet and work with the coach. The practice is divided into a swim set, skill development and, if time allows, a scrimmage. The pool is split 50/50 with a shallow end which you can use to catch your breath. However, in no time at all, you will develop the strength and stamina to get in the thick of it!

Do I need to know anything about waterpolo?

No. Very few of our players knew much about the sport when they first joined. The first few weeks will be a bit overwhelming, trying to get the drills and the names of everything down. However, use this Waterpolo 101 guide to help you get started and never be afraid to ask the coach or any of your fellow players to explain things!

Do I have to wear a speedo to practice?

Although most players do wear a waterpolo suit (i.e., thicker speedo), it is not a requirement. Players should wear what they feel comfortable in to practice. Remember, this club is for all abilities and fitness levels. Our aim is to get people involved in sport in a safe and inclusive environment.

Can visitors join practices?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and cohort training policies we are not accepting drop in visitors this season.